Avoiding Complications of Disease Due to Diabetes

Diabetes complicationsDiabetes complications arising out of high blood sugar levels can be really dangerous for a person. In the long term important organs like eyes, heart, kidney, circulatory system and the nerves can be affected. Problems like cataract which involves thickening of the eye lens and retinopathy or damage to the retina because of excessive growth of blood vessels can affect the vision of a person and sometimes very badly damage it too.

Even the kidneys stop functioning properly causing the protein albumin to be sent out through urine. It can also cause diabetic neuropathy, which affects the nerves and starts out with symptoms like tingling and sharp pains in the legs and feet. Thus treating diabetes effectively and ensuring that the complications do not reach out to other systems of the body is very important.

To start with, diet is most important for people with diabetes. A certain level of discipline in eating healthy diet is very essential to prevent diabetes from causing serious complications. Quitting smoking is one of the best things a person suffering from diabetes can do. Smokers are three times more vulnerable to complications of diabetes like severe cardio vascular problems and nerve damage than non diabetes smokers. Tobacco consumption too should be avoided.

Healthy diet and regular exerciseHealthy diet and regular exercise helps people with diabetes a lot. Those who have diabetes are prone to problems with circulatory system. In such a situation having high blood pressure or increased cholesterol content in the body can be dangerous and may lead to fatal heart attacks too. The effects of bad cholesterol in the body and fatty deposits in arteries are much more in diabetic patients than otherwise. Exercise helps keeping the blood circulation and the cholesterol content normal in the body.

Vaccines like pneumonia vaccine, flu vaccine and tetanus etc. should be taken at appropriate times to prevent a person from contracting any infections. Taking a flu vaccine once in a year would be good to avoid the flu complications that turn serious. Apart from these one should also regularly go for an eye checkup and a kidney checkup.

Signs of excess albumin in the urine could indicate kidney malfunctioning while problems of vision too can be detected easily. Other precautions like taking aspirin that helps in reducing blood clots thus preventing heart attack and caring for your feet are important. The blood flow to the feet is not sufficient for diabetes patients leading to other problems.

Avoiding Complications of Disease Due to Diabetes
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