Nutritional Characteristics of Diacylglycerol Oil (DAG)

Diacylglycerol OilDiacylglycerol oil is a component of many of the oils which are edible and commonly used. It is also used as an emulsifier. The benefits of the DAG oil are innumerable, most importantly its effect on obesity. Obesity is a growing complication in many individuals and eventually leads to various heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypertension besides mental trauma and physical discomfort.

DAG oil is sent directly to portal veins for beta oxidation. What this causes is greater oxidation of fat which helps in reduction of obesity. It looks and tastes similar to various other oils. That means one can include them in the daily food. The metabolic processes are affected positively by DAG oil which ensures that the physical effects include less fat gain and using up more fat reserves in the body by oxidation.

no Trans fatsAnother advantage of DAG compared to TAG and other conventional oils, is the fact that it is not stored as energy. Instead it is directly burnt to give energy. Less storage as fat means that the body becomes healthier. Add to it the fact that it helps in weight reduction as well and DAG rich oil is a great ingredient for food, replacing conventional unhealthy oils. The liver also does a greater breakdown of oil in case of DAG compared to the normal conventional oil. Abdominal fat and triglyceride levels are thus reduced in the body promoting better health and less fat.

Another characteristic of DAG is the fact that they contain more of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as their main fat source. They contain lower levels of fat that is saturated and no Trans fats at all which makes them a great ingredient to be incorporated as part of a very healthy diet.

The fact that it is not something that will replace fats, rather only helps in a different type of fat breakdown and processing ensures that it can be easily used in food to get the same taste and same characteristics as most other conventional oils. Oils containing 80% of DAG have been approved in some countries as normal food. Starch, cellulose, protein and pectin are some of the products that have been developed to use as a fat or oil substitute. The fact that DAG rich oils are indeed fats and have the same advantages as oil for cooking, ensures that DAG rich oils have an edge and provide greater incentive for people to use it.

Nutritional Characteristics of Diacylglycerol Oil (DAG)
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