Protein Supplements Could be Used in End State Kidney Disease

Protein is something that can be very confusing to a patient that has kidney disease, the reason is that because in the early stages most patients are advised to limit their protein intake and not take any protein supplements. Once the patient reaches the end stage of kidney disease however most of the time they will be advised that they need to increase their protein intake and are advised to make sure that they even take supplements to help them.

In fact once the end stage is reached the patient is usually told that they need about double what a normal person needs and that they should try to do this daily. This being the case there is no way that a person can get that amount of protein just from eating a healthy diet, so protein supplements become very important. Once a patient that has kidney disease reaches the end stage there are several things that change in terms of what their body needs and their diet. The patient will need to make sure that they have proper protein and calories intake to help make sure that they are able to keep the weight that they need even though their appetite will decrease a great deal.
Casein Protein

When end stage is reached most of the time the person will be told that they need to get about two grams per kilogram of dry weight that they have. The best way that there will be to do this is to eat things such as eggs and take Best Protein supplements to keep the protein levels up and muscles mass where it should be.

The best way to get protein is through supplements that are easy on the body, the reason is that once this stage is reached the patient may experience vomiting and nausea and not want to eat much. This being the case a patient may find that it’s much easier to try and drink a protein shake than it is to sit down and eat a full meal.

Protein shakes are usually the easier way to go as you can get them already mixed and the patient and simply open one and get the amount of protein that is needed by drinking one. There are other options as such as Whey Protein , Protein powders , Protein Bar and Casein Protein supplements. Do note that some of Protein bars is that they might contain things such as sugar which is suitable for people that are trying to get protein because of kidney disease.

If you or someone you love has kidney disease it might be a good idea to speak with your doctor about these options and start on them right away if you are in end stage. If not then it might be a good idea to speak with them to make sure that you are ready when/if you hit that stage, so you can know what to do in advance.

Protein Supplements Could be Used in End State Kidney Disease
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