Treating Asthma

AsthmaAsthma is a bronchial problem when people suffer from breathing problems. It may be hereditary or imbibed by residing continuously in polluted environment. Asthma attacks are sometimes so fierce that sufferers tend to bend on their pillows for the entire night. Special asthma inhalers are available in the market for immediate relief. However finding permanent cure is easier said than done; especially in hereditary cases.

It is generally caused by allergens like dust. Passive smoking is also an inherent cause. Doctors prescribe chemical medicine to patients of asthma; but these may have other side-effects as lungs are quite delicate and important.

Some herbal remedies top the list of many sufferers as these come with no side-effect baggage and are easy to get. Five top asthmatic remedies are as follows:

Asthma Herbal Remedies
Honey – It is considered the best medicine for asthma. Mixed in milk; it clears out the mucous membrane so effectively, that asthma may be permanently cured by this bee magic. Even when taken alone, it has relieving mechanism.

Steam inhalants – Steam inhalants like thyme or sage produce such warm influence in respiratory tracts that asthma may be cured through them. It catalyzes chemical reactions in the tracts.

Mustard oil massage – It is generally used by patients regularly. It soothes the thoracic region and chest cavity widely. Strong beverages also affect the asthmatic tracts in relief and these also act as anti depressants. Asthma instills depressive feelings in people.

Bitter gourd – It is believed more by tropical people than continental ones. You have to boil its roots and then consume it as a vegetable by adding edible additions like salt and sauce. It may also be applied on the part as a laxative.

Eucalyptus – This favorite food of bears is a great massage agent and act as ramrod cure against asthma. Chest rub with eucalyptus paste initiates strong remedial strains in the patient.

These five content with other suitable herbal remedies like caraway seeds and gum plant to allow for good passage of cures. However, the big problem lies in rooting out asthma permanently.

Asthmatic patients with heavy history may also die in serious cases if not treated fast. Breathing is an involuntary and necessary process for life and any infiltration might be life-threatening if one suffers an attack in non-helpful circumstances. One should always keep in contact with concerned doctors in such cases and keep a family doctor in payroll to avoid further complications.

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