Treating Rosacea with Herbal Remedies

RosaceaRosacea is chronic skin condition or disease identified by a patterned redness of the skin. The areas of the skin that are harmed most by rosacea are those where people flush and this condition is predominant in males in the age group between 30 and 60, although women too are sometimes affected by it.

Although the cause of this strange complication has remained a mystery to skin specialists all over the world, it has been found that rosacea can be cured using herbal treatments and remedies. The fact that such a mysterious complication can be treated at home shows the importance and effectiveness of herbal remedies vis-à-vis chemical cosmetics that are expensive and also have various side effects.

The importance of treating rosacea lies in the fact that it mostly affects the facial skin of a person. This causes the person to lose self-confidence and feel shy and even be scared of social engagements. Most people affected by rosacea have seen its impact on their social life as well professional interactions to a great extent.

Herbal RemediesHerbal remedies are most effective against rosacea as it has been seen that some of the people suffering from this chronic disease are hypersensitive to therapeutic agents. This goes to show that natural compounds occurring in herbal remedies are safer to use and much more effective than individual synthetic molecules generated chemically. Herbal remedies are also useful because one can feel safe and free of side effects unlike some allopathic effects or conventional medicine.

Licorice a herb containing Glycyrrhizin has medicinal properties that helps in healing of rosacea. It acts well against inflammation providing a soothing relief against irritation. It not only stimulates the activity of the adrenal glands but also has anti viral properties due to which it boosts the T-cell count enhancing the body’s immunity. The glycyrrhizin gel is also very good for improving dermatitis.

Another common herb known for its healing properties is green tea extracted from the leaf and bud of camellia sinensis. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties both of which are very good for the skin and hence help relieve the skin from rosacea. Green tea is also very beneficial in reducing the sensitivity of the skin against UV rays, a characteristic of the rosacea disease. Oatmeal is another substance which has antipruritic properties. The moisturizing capability of oatmeal colloids protects the skin barrier usually damaged in rosacea. Lavendar and Chamomile tea are also very effective against rosacea.

Treating Rosacea with Herbal Remedies
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