Treating Sleep Disorder with Antihistamines

chronic sleeping sicknessHistamine is a nitrous secretion by the central nervous system to ensure that you remain active. Antihistamines have been created to counter its effect and attack histamine receptors. Thus it brings in drowsiness factor to its consumer with marked results.

There are few pros for histamine like Doxylomine or Nyprazine. They bring in sedative factor along and alleviate people to a good night’s sleep. They bring slumber by switching off active secretions for the time being. Their use twice or thrice a week is found to be increasingly result-oriented.

If taken in limits, it also does not induce too many side-effects. However, all these pros are drowned if that limit subsides. If a person suffers from chronic sleeping sickness, or is under tremendous stress, he isn’t going to find solace from histamines.

Their cons are enormous. They will induce side-effects like nausea if on overdose. They may bring in too much sleep than usual. They will make the person addictive to antihistamines. After a while, natural immunity of an insomniac person wins over the anti-histamine effect and its medication powers cease.

chronic sleeping disorderAntihistamines also build in withdrawal symptoms thereby lessening a person’s confidence largely. His circadian clock is influenced and he may feel sleepy at wrong times; while being unable to sleep at night. It is imperative for these people to maintain a healthy and enriched lifestyle replete with physical activities. That brings in enough fatigue to induce sleep. You should also try to avoid stress as much as possible and limit your beverage intake to a cup or two daily.

Antihistamines may also act wrongly if other chemical medications are going on. There is a huge chance of medical reactions in such cases. Thus they should be taken only after consultation with a registered practitioner.

However in case of occasional insomnia, antihistamines act wonderfully well. There may be a sudden death or tension; which will be healed by time. For the interim period, antihistamines will bring in relief and rest to the troubled body. You have to keep it in mind that antihistamines work against natural secretions and thus are bound to affect normal body functions. It may even induce jet lag syndrome without actually taking a flight.

In retrospect, cons of antihistamine far outweigh its pros. It cannot therefore be considered a welfare medication. It may be considered in occasional cases but is not a good decision for long-term sleep inducing purpose. Patients should seek professional medical advise and treatment from doctors for long term treatments.

Treating Sleep Disorder with Antihistamines
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