Tuberculosis (TB) Transmission, Infection, Symptoms and Vaccination

Tuberculosis is one kind of syndrome attacked if there is an infection by bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. In Europe, about 25% people’s death were conducted because of this disease at the 19th century. Now a day, this disease is found in those areas where malnutrition, social disruption and poverty are present.

Affected parts of the body :
Tuberculosis, mainly attacks on the lungs. Then this infection spreads to all part of the body from lungs via blood. Sometimes the children are affected by tuberculosis meningitis.

Infection Process of tuberculosis :
The bacteria which create tuberculosis disease, when a person takes breathe in atomic droplets. When they speak the small amount of droplets is debarred into air. Then it dries hurriedly. On the other hand, the bacteria still remain into airborne and attack the people. With the help of sunlight this disease are killed by bearing into ultraviolet light.

Increasing infection of Tuberculosis :
When the tuberculosis bacteria reach to the lungs after taking breath, infection could takes place. This is one kind of primary infection. After which, the bacteria spreads into the blood and the affected one become weak slowly.
mycobacterium tuberculosis
Symptoms of Tuberculosis :
Those has affected by this disease, they could likely feeling chest pain when taking deep breath. He feels tired quickly, feels a little intense and coughs frequently. More often, there are bloods in the cough. The other symptoms are fever, severe weight loss, loss of taste and night sweats. Although these symptoms are not serious, many people die for these diseases. For patient with cystic fibrosis history, they are highly vulnerable to TB too. Other disease in relate to tuberculosis are lung cancer, pneumonia and bronchitis etc.

Treatment of tuberculosis :
The patients who are distorting positive could be contagious, it is advisable to stay at home while under treatment.

For those who are at high risk level, it is highly advisable to take BCG vaccine from local clinic. The vaccine is suggested for those children whose age is under one year and also who had born in country taking a prevalence of TB of 100,000 people of 40 cases. People are also taking vaccine to remove various kinds of blood borne tuberculosis like Miliary Tuberculosis, which is complex to identify .

Controlling process of a tuberculosis treatment :
The people who were attacked by this disease should have regular followup visits to their nearest clinic and make them sure that they are recovering from this disease, and taking healing track of treatment.

Tuberculosis (TB) Transmission, Infection, Symptoms and Vaccination
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