Ulcerative Colitis – Symptoms and Treatments

Ulcerative colitisUlcerative colitis happens in colon region; a vital digestive organ. There is an enormous urge to remove feces. However; one is unable to produce enough pressure and as a result, stool contains mucus and blood. There is also an inflammation in digestive tracts. This is generally the feature of a thin guy or one suffering from extreme weight loss. Abdominal pains and cramps are in common order.

This disease with severe abdominal symptoms can be duly treated naturally by avoiding certain stuff and consumption of certain ones. While any carbohydrate with high glycemic index like chocolates should be avoided ; steamed and boiled vegetables that become soft as a result should be eaten. While fibrous things like broccoli should be avoided as they will further reduce chance of fecal elimination; healers like banana or apples with high potassium and iron content should be advised.

Food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like sardines, salmon and acai berry should be gulped without any regret. These have colon cleansing functions. However the inflammation may not be lessened by these. One should have boiled green vegetables but not raw plant materials; as they may add to roughage.

To mitigate inflammation ; it is necessary to first reduce the fecal amount in intestines. Soothing food that smooth out excretes should be resorted to. Drinking water in large amount helps this soothing process enormously. Excess oil, fat or junk food should be avoided at the outset. On top of it; aerobic exercises like swimming and cycling will keep abdominal muscles toned and cause welfare in inner organs as well. Daily habit of early morning constitutionals should be nurtured.

One should also stay away from smoking; alcohol or any other heat inducing substance. These are catalysts for quick digestion and thus cause problems by cutting time. Stress is a mental factor but is known to create digestive problems and may be instrumental in causing ulcerative colitis.

Citrus fruits ; especially lemon are quite active against this problem as it acts in alkaline fashion in contact with stomach acids. Thus the effects are neutralized and there is less heat generated. Curd and other edible substances like papaya that keep stomach cool should be consumed.

Thus perhaps the natural way to treat ulcerative colitis is to try the above options with large intake of water. Once fecal elimination gets smooth, inflammation gradually lessens. One should wary that this condition does not grow into colon cancer.

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