Understanding Good and Bad Cholesterol

cholesterolIt is said that one has to understand the problem to effectively deal with it. Is it not true that one has to be aware of the enemy before proper defensive can be launched against him/her? Cholesterol is nothing short of a foe. Cholesterol is the forbearer of heart diseases and goes hand in hand with obesity.

So what exactly is cholesterol ?
Well cholesterol is not all villainy. Yes. We have ‘lipids’, in layman’s term ‘fats’. Throughout the body and cholesterol is a form of lipid. The liver produces this waxy substance, which is used to repair cell walls of the body and the problem is that the amount it is produced in the 1000 mgs is enough for the body requirement. We need not supplement it with extra cholesterol from outside.

How does cholesterol harm us ?
Whenever we eat any of those greasy things; like the juicy hamburger, the cheesy fries, what we are actually doing is that we are accumulating more and more cholesterol in the body. The major food sources of cholesterol are the ones we obtain from animals, meat and eggs and whole dairy products are laden with cholesterol. When it enters the blood it stream since it cannot travel on its own, cholesterol mixes up with the proteins and they helps in transporting it throughout the lengths and breadths of the body.

Good and bad – when does it get ugly ?
good bad cholesterolThere are majorly two types of cholesterol :- the good cholesterol which is the HDL, high density lipo-proteins (lipids + proteins) cholesterol and the bad cholesterol which is the LDL, low density lipoproteins, cholesterol.

HDL helps in the removal of cholesterol from the blood vessels, which is then again transported back to the liver to be broken down. While the LDL cholesterol leads to deposition of cholesterol, which takes the form of plaque, on the walls of the arteries leading to immense pressure on the heart. The deposition and hardening of arteries leads to deficient functioning in letting the blood pass and leads to a condition known as the ‘atherosclerosis’. Serious conditions leads to complete blockage of blood to the vital body organs.

How to avoid all this ?
Well think twice, thrice no well a million times before you reach out for that hamburger next, take a good care of the diet with increase in the age. However, in some cases, it becomes difficult to avoid because of hereditary linkages.

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